Your search for Police

Play Police Fury Game

Police Fury

Category: Action Games
Tags: Terrorists, Fight, Shooting, Guns
Exterminate the terrorists in the target zone. Shoot the terrorists before they get you.
Play Nightraider Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: Chase, Action, Bomb, Strategy, Robber
A madman is on the loose. Help the police officer disarm all the bombs dropped from the building.
Play Inner City TD Game

Inner City TD

Category: Action Games
Tags: iThor, youcaan, tower, defense, stragety, city, crime, police, mafia, inner, boss
Buy police officers and cars to stop the infamous mafia-boss called "Bad Sam".

Play Modern Vikings: The Race to Tortola Game

Modern Vikings: The Race to Tortola

Category: Adventure Games
Tags: driving, money, police, chase, hustle
Modern Vikings puts you in the shoes of a Modern Viking or Utrasarvikingur as they are called in Iceland. Your objective is to ...
Play First Hero Game

First Hero

Category: Action Games
Tags: Shooting, guns, city, save, kill
Authorities of your country appealed to the only Hero left in the world, to YOU! They ask you to resolve the problem using any ...
Play High Speed Pursuit Game

High Speed Pursuit

Category: Action Games
Tags: driving, shooting, shooter, cars, police, weapon, road, tunnel, city, highway, crime, killer, robber, drugs
Welcome to your first day on The Force. You are now part of an elite team of Police Officers that's our only line of defens...
Play Dope Gang XD Game

Dope Gang XD

Category: Adventure Games
Tags: guns, mafia, drugs, dope, gang, thug, wars
Here comes the new age of dealing dopes. Build your own mafia, buy guns, survive the police, travel the world, buy businesses a...


Category: Action Games
Tags: nov2009-contest, zombies, zombiearmy, bite, style
You have 60 seconds to bite as much people as possible. People you bite will turn into zombies and bite other people and soon y...
Play Stealth Hacker Game

Stealth Hacker

Category: Action Games
Tags: Stealth Hacker
A little adventure game where you have to avoid the Police Officer while hacking into the computers.
Play Run 'Em Down Game

Run 'Em Down

Category: Action Games
Tags: Run 'Em Down
Drive in your car and run over people before the police get you.