Your search for Pirates

Play WordVentures Game


Category: Action Games
Tags:, word game, match three, pirates, monsters,, dictionary
A fast paced word adventure. Kidnapped by pirates, you have joined the pirate crew as a slave, to fight against monsters that g...
Play Fort Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: action, fort, puzzles, ships, bejewled, bombs, gold, adventure, shooting
You have found the treasure in the middle of the ocean. In the heart of the old FORT. But before you pick up your treasures, yo...
Play The Pirates of the Caribbean Game

The Pirates of the Caribbean

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: pirates, pirates of the caribbean, puzzle, jigsaw, black pearl, captain jack sparrow, movie
Are you a real Pirate Fans than complete this puzzle and be a real pirate!

Play Bumping Adventures Game

Bumping Adventures

Category: Action Games
Tags: action, arcade, puzzle, classic, pirates, maya, aztec, platformer
Bumping Adventures is inspired by classic action-platform-puzzle Bumpy's Arcade Fantasy. The player has to collect items to...
Play INP: Episode One Game

INP: Episode One

Category: Action Games
Tags: intergalactic, ninja, ninjas, pirate, pirates, shooter, ship, space, alien, aliens
A new twist on a classic ship shooter.
Play iPirates Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: defense, cannon, pirates
Defend your medieval ship from pirates attack. Armor your cannons and shoot down the enemy ships before they send you to the de...
Play Pirates Revenge Game

Pirates Revenge

Category: Casino Games
Slot machine with a pirate theme.There will be a nice loot!
Play Cannon Blast Game

Cannon Blast

Category: Shooting Games
Navigate your ship in the sea battles against pirates - don¡¯t let them sink your ship