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Play Pingu Slide Game

Pingu Slide

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: penguin, icicle, avoid, dodge, slide, pengu slide, pengu
Help this little penguin to dodge these icicles and eat some fish !
Play Sketcher 2 Game

Sketcher 2

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: sketch, dots, connect dots, line connect, picture, draw, draw picture, image, animals, tiger, penguin, okapi, seahorse, red panda, frog, turtle, parrots, moose, koala, pencil, drawing
Sketcher 2, not unlike its predecessor, is a game going around the idea of connecting the dots to create a picture. The second ...
Play Ice Cube Bear Game

Ice Cube Bear

Category: Action Games
Tags: Game, Flash Game, Online Game, Physics, Physics Game, Block Removal, Bear, Ice Cube, Penguin, Polar, Artic
Polar bears were prepared for global warming but an unexpected cold winter trapped them in Ice Cubes. Set them free throwing th...

Play SSSG - Penguins Game

SSSG - Penguins

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: penguins, crystal, hunter, sssg, sneaky, find, search, hidden object
Find all of the crystals that have been lost!
Play Moony! Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: moony, space, planet, planets, stars, achivements, dodger, sleepy, surviver, pinguin, challenge, girls, cartoon, easy, spaceship, awards, slow-mo, time, action, arcade
NASA sends a challenge to the most experienced pilots. Moony is definitely going to prove that penguins can fly! Help him to wi...
Play Penguins Castle Game

Penguins Castle

Category: Action Games
Tags: penguins, action, funny
Move the penguins to a safe place. Colllect bonus and avoid dangers.
Play Penguin Game


Category: Other Games
Tags: earth, iceberg, penguin, safe, green, ecologic, drop, acid drop.
Save the ice! Help the penguin to catch the acid drop and save the ice!!
Play The Elephant Game Game

The Elephant Game

Category: Action Games
Tags: jump, elephant;yeti, penguin, distance, jump, water, rope, eole
Throw Leonardo the Elephant as far and high as you can. Swing the ballon with the fan and click the mouse to detach the rope. ...
Play bubblePopper! Game


Category: Shooting Games
Tags: bubbles, popping, penguin, mouse, butterfly, popper, bubble
Pop as many bubbles as you can! Wacky things happen when little bugs and creatures get caught in the bubbles. Feed the bugs to ...
Play Penguin Swim Game

Penguin Swim

Category: Action Games
Tags: penguin, swim, penguinswim, water, snow, arcade, classic
Can you guide your penguin through the snow cave?