Your search for Paddle

Play World Table Tennis Game

World Table Tennis

Category: Sports Games
Tags: World Table Tennis
Use your arrow keys to move the paddle press spacebar to serve and hit the ball so the other player
Play Spank the Monkey! Game

Spank the Monkey!

Category: Other Games
Tags: Spank the Monkey!
Move the paddle spank the monkey faster for more points.
Play Break Game


Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: Break
Remake of classic arcanoid break out use two paddles to bounce balls and destroy bricks more bricks

Play Guardian of the Explorer Game

Guardian of the Explorer

Category: Other Games
Tags: Guardian of the Explorer
Protect the guy that has been captured from the balls by using your paddle to defend him.
Play Insane Orb Game

Insane Orb

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: Insane Orb
Modified classic pong game use paddle to hit ball and shoot to move the ball with your fire.
Play Ping Bricks Game

Ping Bricks

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: Ping Bricks
Bounce the ball with your paddle and make it hit the bricks to destroy them.
Play Retronoid Game


Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: Retronoid
Classic arkanoid break out style arcade game, use your paddle to hit ball and breaks brick and gain
Play Spore Pong Game

Spore Pong

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: Spore Pong
Use your paddle to hit the ball in this classic ping pong table tennis type game.
Play Uber Breakout Game

Uber Breakout

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: Uber Breakout
Classic break-out arkanoid game, use your two paddles to break bricks by bouncing the ball and keepi
Play Arcanoid Game


Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: Arcanoid
Classic break out game use the paddle to bounce the ball and destroy the bricks.