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Play Grave E Tea Game

Grave E Tea

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: Pacman, Platform, Gravity, Grave E Tea, Bobert, retro, lo-res, low res, Flixel, run n jump, jump, bubble bobble, mario, collect, crumpets, ghost, ghosts, discord, discordian, physics, atari, old school, oldskool, chiptune, chip tune, chip, free
In Grave E Tea, you play a tiney purple man named Bobert. Bobert loves to drink tea and eat crumpets, but strange things happen...
Play Maze Man 2 Game

Maze Man 2

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: pacman, maze, puzzle
Maze Man is back! This time featuring clones, lava, collapsing floors and a greater emphasis on puzzle-solving. Merge with yo...
Play Pac Run Game

Pac Run

Category: Action Games
Tags: pacman, avoid
Run, Mr. Pac, Run!

Play Snow Maze Game

Snow Maze

Category: Action Games
Tags: retro, maze, pacman, arcade
Collect stars to escape the Snow Maze.
Play Dot Devour Game

Dot Devour

Category: Other Games
Tags: dotdevour, pacman, bombjack, retro
Devour Dots! Evade Enemies!
Play Cheese Run: Intro Game

Cheese Run: Intro

Category: Other Games
Tags: z-run, arcade, addicting, pac-man, pacman, cheese, mouse
Z-Run is a game which uses arrow keys to move a grey mouse around the map to eat the yellow pieces of cheese as they appear. A...
Play Circle Eater Game

Circle Eater

Category: Action Games
Tags: flow, physics, pacman, circle eater, vacuum tube
Eat smaller circles to grow bigger. Avoid larger circles, and split (spacebar) to avoid decaying.
Play Jumpix Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: jump, mario, pacman
The player has a few levels, jumping on platforms, avoiding the abyss and dangerous blocks and breaking money box to get points...
Play Bugy Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: Bugy, Adventure, Pacman
Help Bugy to safely get home.
Play Pakman Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: arcade, classic, atari, pacman, old school
Pakman is a remake of the Atari classic Pacman. When we think of the 80s, we think of Spectrum and Atari. We think of Jet Pac, ...