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Play Ninjas vs Pirates Tower Defense II Game

Ninjas vs Pirates Tower Defense II

Category: Action Games
Tags: tower, defense, strategy
A build your own path tower defense game with four maps, several different creep types and 7 towers.
Play Samurai vs. Ninjas Game

Samurai vs. Ninjas

Category: Action Games
Tags: Ninja, Samurai
Fend off relentless ninjas and defend your honor, in this arcade action game.
Play ChuckaBOOM! Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: minigames, ninjadoodle, shurikens, puzzle, skill
Those pesky ninjas have been leaving their shurikens around again! It's your job to get rid of them all by chucking your bo...

Play Fupa Raiders Game

Fupa Raiders

Category: Action Games
Tags: fupa raiders, fupa, raider, awesome, game, flash, strategy, rush, pirates, ninjas, wizards, devils, dragons, fupas
Fupa Raiders is a real time strategy game where you own a number of sky castles and you must raid the neighboring castles to ca...
Play Ninja Furenji Game

Ninja Furenji

Category: Action Games
Tags: Ninja, Furenji, Frenzy, Sir Realism, Awesome
Ninja Furenji is a game about lost honour, your inner kangaroo and mass murder. As a ninja who has lost his honour, the only th...
Play INP: Episode One Game

INP: Episode One

Category: Action Games
Tags: intergalactic, ninja, ninjas, pirate, pirates, shooter, ship, space, alien, aliens
A new twist on a classic ship shooter.
Play Ninja Yin Yang Game

Ninja Yin Yang

Category: Action Games
Tags: nov2009-contest, ninja, jumping, balance
Restore the YIN-YANG balance and complete each level by placing the black ninja on the platform with the black sign and placi...
Play Ninja Jump Game

Ninja Jump

Category: Action Games
Tags: ninja, jump, fast, speed
Defeat all the bad ninjas that appear on screen in a fast and funny environment!
Play nyinyang Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: ninja, puzzle, action, action puzzle
second installment of nyinyang, now with more levels, bonus points/items and a relaxing mode with no time limit. To pass each l...
Play Ovcata Ninja Game

Ovcata Ninja

Category: Action Games
Tags: Ovcata Ninja
A great flash fighting game with ninjas.