Your search for Madness

Play Organ-ise Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: Organ-ise
A bit of manic ER style madness with a really serious message highlighting the shortage of organs fo
Play Painter Madness Game

Painter Madness

Category: Action Games
Tags: Painter Madness
Get a bucket of paint safely to the painter, carrying it through all the floors of a building.
Play Madness Combat 2 Game

Madness Combat 2

Category: Other Games
Tags: Madness Combat 2
The sequal to the combat movie, Madness Combat 1.

Play Madness Combat 3 Game

Madness Combat 3

Category: Other Games
Tags: Madness Combat 3
He was given a second chance, somewhere in Nevada.
Play Madness Combat 4 Game

Madness Combat 4

Category: Other Games
Tags: Madness Combat 4
Madness Combat 4 - Apotheosis is an excellent shooting/fighting movie.
Play Kumite Game


Category: Other Games
Tags: Kumite
A tribute to the Madness Combat series, with colorful animation and merciless killing!
Play Clockwork Madness Game

Clockwork Madness

Category: Retro Games
Tags: Clockwork Madness
Have a steady hand to play this game, type your name for the game to start.
Play Estupidezz Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: Estupidezz
A marvelous colorful remake of the thrilling game Madness Interactive.