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Play Parasite X Game

Parasite X

Category: Action Games
Tags: Defense, defend, parasite, evolve, grow, kill, blood, cells, defense, upgrade, highscores
Your a parasite. You like to eat blood cells. The hosts body is trying to kill you. survive as long as you can. in this intens...
Play Typo Run Game

Typo Run

Category: Action Games
Tags: maze, typo, action, puzzle
Collect letters in order to form the target words presented at the top of the screen.

Play Instant Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: arcade, dodge, action, collect, instant, game
Dodge enemies while you collect letters of the alphabet. Use items to increase your score. Aim for the highscore! Dodge, Col...
Play Reveal it Game

Reveal it

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: reveal, collage, skill
Reveal it is a game where the stage starts out as entirely grey. Bits of a black and white image will slowly be revealed. Yo...
Play Typeroids Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: word, typing, asteroids, type, words, letters, typoroids
Asteroids remade into a typing game.
Play Word Rain Game

Word Rain

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags:, word, spelling, dictionary, addictive, educational, anagram, words, scrabble
Use up the falling letters before they reach the bottom of the screen by spelling out words as fast as you can!
Play Food For Thought Game

Food For Thought

Category: Board Games
Tags: word, search, word search, food, seek, word seek
Classic word search where you need to find your favorite foods! Click and drag the letters to select the corresponding word. ...
Play TetWord PRO Game

TetWord PRO

Category: Education Games
Tags: tetris, tetword, word, words, letter, letters, easy, hard, block, blocks
The game is similar to Tetris and TetWord. There are 4 modes in the game: easy tetword, hard tetword, Not Latter(easy)...
Play Type Storm Game

Type Storm

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: Letters, Type
A fun typing game that challenges your skills of speed and dexterity. Very simple and addictive!