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Play Banana Splitter Game

Banana Splitter

Category: Action Games
Tags: Banana Splice Cut Knife Action Shoot Arcade Fun Weird Strange
Split those damned bananas in million pieces! You are a very angry and very sharp leaf. In fact, you are so angry you can ev...
Play Monkey Collect Game

Monkey Collect

Category: Action Games
Tags: Monkey, parrot, fruits, puzzle, collect, action
Collect fruits, jumping on the leafs.
Play Ant Trail Game

Ant Trail

Category: Action Games
Tags: food, leaf, boulder, snake, anttrail
Guide the ant trail around the screen to eat the food. Make sure you avoid the boulders!

Play Jigsaw: Leaf Veins Game

Jigsaw: Leaf Veins

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: Leaf, veins, vein, green, jigsaw, puzzle
Puzzle your way through the veins of this leaf.
Play Jigsaw: clover Game

Jigsaw: clover

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: clover, green, ireland, luck, puzzle, jigsaw
Do you feel lucky? See if you can find a four leaf clover.
Play Jigsaw: Autumn Colors Game

Jigsaw: Autumn Colors

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: Autumn, fall, leafs, yellow, orange, jigsaw, puzzle
The autumn is so beautiful with its red, yellow and orange.
Play Jigsaw: Holly Game

Jigsaw: Holly

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: Holly, plant, green life, berry, fruit, leaf, christmas, holidays, jigsaw, puzzle
What is Christmas without the seasonal decorations?
Play Jigsaw: Trunk Game

Jigsaw: Trunk

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: tree, plant, nature, bark, trunk, wood, leaf, forest, jigsaw, puzzle
Evening sun on a tree trunk.
Play Mud Rally Game

Mud Rally

Category: Arcade Games
guide the frog on the lotus leaf to follow the muddy track
Play Lucky Clover Game

Lucky Clover

Category: Other Games
This is a real test for your eye sight - you have to find the 4-leaf lucky clover amongst the 3-leaf clovers