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Play Slimey Game


Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: puzzle, slime, slimey, stone, rock, monster, luck
Slimey is a puzzle game where the goal is to collect points by collapsing rock monsters to piles. Player controls the main char...
Play Extreme Collapse Game

Extreme Collapse

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: super collapse, collapse, extreme
Don't let the blocks reach the top.
Play Planet Rock Game

Planet Rock

Category: Action Games
Tags: arcade, retro, bitmaps, optimised, planets
The galaxy is under attack from aliens intent on collecting raw ore by destroying planets and moons. Fight alongside your alli...

Play Turbulent Tundra Game

Turbulent Tundra

Category: Other Games
Tags: penguin, one button, penguins, jumping, arcade, canabalt
A one button, arcade game with an addictive nature. Help the penguin escape the collapsing ice flow! Will you keep control as i...
Play Simple Blocks Game

Simple Blocks

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: collapse, match three, break, blocks
Destroy similar colored blocks by clicking on them. To pass to the next level you must destroy all blocks.
Play Theban Triad Game

Theban Triad

Category: Board Games
Tags: match 3, Egypt, triads, thebes, slide, collapse, hieroglyph, puzzle, Egyptian theme, rows, three in a row
An Egpytian themed puzzle game with two different gameplay objectives. Sliding on top and collapsing on the bottom.
Play Garden Collapse Game

Garden Collapse

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: Garden Collapse, flower, puzzle.
Garden Collapse is flash puzzle game. The aim is to destroy the flowers as soon as possible before the timer runs out. Same col...
Play Sky Collapse Game

Sky Collapse

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: super collapse, collapse, speed collapse, fast, slow, sky collapse, buddybattles
Don't let the blocks reach the top, find groups of 3 or more and click them to destroy them.
Play Insane Collapse Game

Insane Collapse

Category: Action Games
Tags: collapse, insane, super, collapse, blocks, buddybattle
Explode matching blocks before they get to the top.
Play Bubble Collapse Game

Bubble Collapse

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: bubble, shooter, coins, skill, cannon, ocean
Beautiful and addicting matching game, with unique game mechanics, different ocean locations, and 30 unique coins to find. Be ...