Your search for Jumping

Play Baungy Game


Category: Adventure Games
Tags: Baungy, jump, jumping, platforms, fruits
Jump avoiding traps and enemies. Pick up the fruits to get different kinds of jumpings. Besides, you must release your prisoner...
Play Checker Craze Game

Checker Craze

Category: Board Games
Tags: Checkers, puzzle, craze, jump, board
Remove Blocks from the board by jumping over each Block with another Block in this crazy Checker game!
Play RocketJump Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: rocket, jump, rocket jump, rocketjump, puzzle, platformer, explosion
RocketJump is a challenging platformer that involves rocket jumping through obstacles to reach the end of the game. As the game...

Play Frog Adventure Game

Frog Adventure

Category: Action Games
Tags: Frog, Adventure, action, actionthunder, thunder, highscore, water, jumping, creature, bugs
Stay Away from Red Bugs Eat only Black Bugs Make a High Score
Play Pirate jump Game

Pirate jump

Category: Adventure Games
Tags: pirate jump coin coins jumping addictif addictiv rum fun funny cute sea
Pirate jump is a funny quick addictiv game, the aim is to jump higher!
Play Mancycle Game


Category: Racing Games
Tags: Man Cycle Mancycle Run and Dodge Random Jump Duck Driving Motorcycle Motorman
Get as far as you can with Mancycle, don't run out of energy, collect food to fuel your petrol powered legs! Dodge the on c...
Play Jungle Jump Game

Jungle Jump

Category: Adventure Games
Tags: Jungle Jump, flash fun game, animal game, jumping, forest, bounce.
Help the animals escape the forest fire! Bounce them across the river to the wilderness. You get another life every 500 points....
Play Star Thummy Game

Star Thummy

Category: Action Games
Tags: star thummy, thummy, stars, jump, collect, jumping, action
Help Thummy jump on the stars to get points. Double points for shooting stars.
Play Acid Well Game

Acid Well

Category: Action Games
Tags: survival, sports, physics
Try to survive in a well full of acid (physical-based jumping game).
Play Grasshopper Yuichi Game

Grasshopper Yuichi

Category: Adventure Games
Tags: skill, jumping, timing, jump, hopper, grasshopper
Yuichi wishes to set a new intergalactic jumping record! Press and hold the left mouse button to set the power and release it t...