Your search for Hunting

Play Dzik Hunter Game

Dzik Hunter

Category: Action Games
Tags: shooter, fast, dynamic, hogs, kill, hunt, hunting
Fast, simple shooter.
Play MOLE(the first hunting) Game

MOLE(the first hunting)

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: mole, hunting, puzzles, logical, game
Help the mole to collect all the vegtables, without standing on the same square twice!
Play Quest in the dark Game

Quest in the dark

Category: Adventure Games
Tags: escape, solve, kids, girls, teens, cute, avatar, chat
Escape the haunted mansion! Solving mysteries and treasure hunting game. Save/Load support.

Play Sprint Hunter Game

Sprint Hunter

Category: Action Games
Tags: cheetah, hunt, gazelle, speed, time, timing, desert, sprint, hunter, kalahari, chase, nature, wild, bush, rock, jump, animal.
A high speed hunting challenge. Check your hunting skills as a Cheetah and try to hunt down the Gazelle.
Play Flymuncher Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: fish, flies, eating, skill, water, flymuncher, physics, box2d, jump, hunting, carnivorous, crazy, highscore, leaderboard
Enter the dangerous world of a hyperactive and highly carnivorous Flymuncher! Feel what it's like to have to be munching on...
Play DuckHunt Game


Category: Shooting Games
Tags: DuckHunt, Duck Hunt, Ducks, Shooting, Kill Ducks, Nintendo, Classic, Remake, Hunting, Hunt, Hunter
A remake of the classic Duck Hunter by Nintendo!
Play Duck Hunt Remake Game

Duck Hunt Remake

Category: Action Games
Tags: duck, hunt, shoot, huting, classic, season, nintendo, laser, tree
The season of duck hunting is open! Remember the classic game of the NES that was fully rebuilded.
Play Super Duck Hunting Game

Super Duck Hunting

Category: Shooting Games
Tags: Aim And Shoot, shooting, hunting, duck hunting
Super Duck Hunting is a fun and challenging hunting game where you need to blast the flying duck out of the sky to prevent the...
Play HogHunter Game


Category: Shooting Games
Tags: Hogs, hunter, shooting, bats, forest, flowers
Shooter game, its about hunting. There are different secret animals(bear,goose,bat)
Play Duck Killer Game

Duck Killer

Category: Shooting Games
Tags: Aim And Shoot, duck shooter, hunt game, duck hunting
Move your mouse to shoot the duck,don't let them escape!