Your search for Hidden Objects

Play Hidden Objects Room 5 Game

Hidden Objects Room 5

Category: Other Games
Tags: gamershood, hidden object games
Hidden Objects Room 5 is a hidden object game by Gamershood.
Play Office Search Game

Office Search

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: hidden, objects, find, search, office, search, voices, spoken, characters
Hidden Objects with spoken voices. Hear what your customers want and find it for them in the office. Complete levels to move up...
Play Market Search Game

Market Search

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: market, search, hidden, objects, find, search
Search the market to find the required hidden objects and complete your quest.

Play Hidden Objects - Art Edition Game

Hidden Objects - Art Edition

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: hidden, objects, edition, find, search
These images are captured by a soldier, who took part in various wars. He has tried to capture the behaviors of people before, ...
Play City of Atlantis Game

City of Atlantis

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: city, atlantis, hidden, objects
You are called to the City of Atlantis to find Hidden Objects and solve the quest.
Play City Scan Game

City Scan

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: city, scan, hidden, objects, find, search
Scan the city and find hidden objects to complete your quest.
Play Sweets House 3 Christmas Game

Sweets House 3 Christmas

Category: Adventure Games
Tags: sweets house, hidden objects, point and click adventure, Christmas
Infiltrate in to the Christmas house and search for hidden sweets, find them all as fast as you can in order to receive better ...
Play Hidden Pumpkins Market Game

Hidden Pumpkins Market

Category: Adventure Games
Tags: hidden objects, hidden pumpkins, point and click adventure, hidden object game, adventure
Search for pumpkins that hidden between fruits, you have only 300 seconds to find all pumpkins, each of the pictures contains 5...
Play Hidden Gemstones: Horses 2 Game

Hidden Gemstones: Horses 2

Category: Adventure Games
Tags: hidden objects, point and click, adventure, gems, gemstones, horses
Help beautiful horses to find 56 hidden gems, you have 500 seconds and each of the horse pictures contains 7 hidden gemstones, ...
Play Hidden Souvenirs 2 Game

Hidden Souvenirs 2

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: hidden objects, hidden souvenirs, travel, Granada, Constantinople, Beijing, souvenirs, black and white, around the world
After London, Paris and Kyoto, it's the turn of 3 more cities to be discovered! Travel around the world and discover the hi...