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Play towers of hannoi Game

towers of hannoi

Category: Customize Games
Tags: hanoi, towers, towers hanoi, towers of hanoi
Ancient game, use your mind to change the disk in a proper order with the minimun movements, can chose multiple levels.
Play Stone Ball Game

Stone Ball

Category: Action Games
Tags: Arkanoid, Archanoid, break, ball, breakout, stone, rock, shoot, shooting, arcade, simple
Stone ball is a prehistoric breakout all made of stone. Break the stone tiles using a stone ball, match combos for power ups, ...
Play Towers of Hanoi Game

Towers of Hanoi

Category: Board Games
Tags: Flash, game, classic, towers, hanoi, rings, puzzle
An original classic. Move the rings from the left pole to the right pole.

Play The Tower of Hanoi Game

The Tower of Hanoi

Category: Puzzle Games
Move the pile to another location. Click on a number to set the height of the pile.