Your search for Get Away

Play Insect Killer Game

Insect Killer

Category: Action Games
Tags: insect, arcade, birthday, cake, ms dee, action, simulation, get away
Ms Dee have to keep her birthday cake safe for 12 hours from nauseating bugs in order to keep it fresh!
Play Jigsaw: Rodent Game

Jigsaw: Rodent

Category: Jigsaw Games
Tags: animal, rodent, gnaw, little, nature, jigsaw, puzzle
The little rats will get away is you don't stop them.
Play Deadly Road Battle Game

Deadly Road Battle

Category: Racing Games
Tags: deadly battle, road battle, tank shooting
In the middle of a war, your defensive position has been overrun by the enemy. You must get away before the enemy start mopping...

Play The Great Poop Shoot Game

The Great Poop Shoot

Category: Action Games
Tags: high, score, poop, doodies, shoot, great, crap, shooter
Oh no! The poos are on the loose, and we don't want to find out what happens if they get away.
Play Prisoner Escape Game

Prisoner Escape

Category: Action Games
Tags: prisoner, shooting, quick, quickshot, targets, army, rifle, kill, escape
50 prisoners will try to escape. Neutralize the threat and kill them before they can get away. Can you get them all?
Play El Imigrante Game

El Imigrante

Category: Other Games
Tags: El Imigrante
Get away from the cops on your bike before they manage to hit you.
Play Kangaroo Jack Game

Kangaroo Jack

Category: Other Games
Catch the Kangaroo before it get away with your jacket and money