Your search for Fart

Play Canary Rescue Game

Canary Rescue

Category: Adventure Games
Tags: olltwit, canary, platform, fart
Evil zombies from the planet Oozalot have arrived on planet earth. Before they take over the World they first must defend thems...
Play Hatsune Miku Mission Game

Hatsune Miku Mission

Category: Adventure Games
Tags: spil-contest, Hatsune Miku, musique, music
Cross the fields of musical notes without touching them. Collect leeks magic to keep enough energy for arrive farthest possible.
Play Smellicopter Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: smellicopter, helicopter, game, flying, butt, cheeks, buns, fart, poop
The crappiest game on the web. You're a pair of butt cheeks powered by gas. See how far you can get without having an accid...

Play Catapult Comp! Game

Catapult Comp!

Category: Action Games
Tags: christmas, snow, ball
Get into the Christmas mood with Catapult Comp! Lets find out who can throw the snowball the farthest from the whole world!
Play FARToRY Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: fart, addictive, funny
Farting has never been so much fun! Fill up the gas chamber with hydrogen from your body.
Play OddObject BATTLE! Game

OddObject BATTLE!

Category: Action Games
Tags: shooter action awesome fun adventure lost space gun shoot explode boom weapon nice best ever
Battle for you freedom and a high score in the farthest reaches of space against the evil odd objects!!!
Play Aspen Game


Category: Sports Games
Tags: Aspen
Ski down the snowy-slopes of Aspen. Mind out for that tree!Move your mouse curser to the right or the left to navigate your sk...