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Play Extreme Collapse Game

Extreme Collapse

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: super collapse, collapse, extreme
Don't let the blocks reach the top.
Play WorldCup 2010: Memory Cards Game

WorldCup 2010: Memory Cards

Category: Board Games
Tags: WorldCup 2010, Memory Cards, World Cup, Soccer, Football, Puzzle, Board Game
Beat all the modes in this WorldCup 2010 Memory Card Game. You need to start clearing the "Very Easy" mode to unlock th...
Play KidsMaze Game


Category: Adventure Games
Tags: maze, path, kids
Mazes can be great fun for children. You can start with extremely simple mazes and then increased the level of difficulty with ...

Play Bounce Ball Extreme! Game

Bounce Ball Extreme!

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: bounce ball, bounce, ball, extreme, bouncy, ball, bloons, buddybattles, bouncey, ball
Bounce the ball into the green box, all while avoiding moving red blocks. The fewer bounces you do the higher you score will be!
Play Rally Racing Extreme Game

Rally Racing Extreme

Category: Racing Games
Tags: racing, forest, rally, extreme, stunts, driving, racecar, race, track, game
Hop into a race car and compete with others for the best lap time!
Play Dangerous trip Game

Dangerous trip

Category: Racing Games
Tags: racing, drive, cars, extreme racing, car racing
Extreme car racing. You must avoid damage. And kept on track, as long as possible.
Play Extreme Crossword 2 Game

Extreme Crossword 2

Category: Board Games
Tags: crossword, crosswords, words, word, puzzle, extreme
Earn as many points as you can by finding as many words as possible. For bonus points try and find words that appear on the bon...
Play The Jumper Game

The Jumper

Category: Action Games
Tags: skydive, sky-diver, air crash, extreme
Extreme adventures of sky-diver. Test yourself and save as many people as you can in the air crash.
Play Color Balls Extreme Game

Color Balls Extreme

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: puzzle, colored, balls, combo, click
Click on colored balls that have at least 3 of the same color next to each other. Get high combos and bonus multipliers for big...
Play Scissors Paper Rock EXTREME! Game

Scissors Paper Rock EXTREME!

Category: Action Games
Tags: scissors, paper, rock, jake, furious, jakethefurious, bennett, extreme, awesome, cool, flash, game, tower, defence, furious, highscores, game
Scissors paper rock, but extreme to the MAXIMUM! how far can you get?