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Play Kill the Pacman 2 Game

Kill the Pacman 2

Category: Action Games
Tags: kill, pacman, yellow, beach, ball, green, blue, explode, bounce
It's time to kill those pacmen and save the beach ball race. Fast paced action with lots of achievements to unlock and a r...
Play Balls Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: Balls
A flash arcade game where you explode balls!
Play Blitz Bombz Game

Blitz Bombz

Category: Action Games
Tags: bomb, cloud, blitz, action, explosion, lightning, bolt, match, skill, color
It's not easy being a cloud. Especially when pesky bombs keep getting in your way. Luckily you're a tough little thunde...

Play Flashball Game


Category: Other Games
Tags: Flashball
The aim of this game is to knock and shoot your opponents ball into the wall to make it explode. Thi
Play QuaRkZ Game


Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: QuaRkZ
Put down your sub-atomic quarks and when they become unstable, they will explode, conquering your en
Play Earth Rock Hunter Game

Earth Rock Hunter

Category: Shooting Games
Tags: Earth Rock Hunter
Race through space, collecting chunks of the recently exploded planet earth as you try to make yours
Play New Car Racer Game

New Car Racer

Category: Other Games
Tags: New Car Racer
Race around the track against your computer opponent but don't fly off the grass or you'll explode.
Play Bubble Fun Game

Bubble Fun

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: Bubble Fun
Click on bubbles to make them explode and change the neighbouring bubbles.
Play HTF Dynamite Game

HTF Dynamite

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: HTF Dynamite
Bounce the dynamite using your cursor. Don't let it drop or it will explode!
Play Blast Billiards Game

Blast Billiards

Category: Sports Games
In this billiard game, you have limited time to pocket all the ball, or else the bomb will explode