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Play Divergence Turret Defense Game

Divergence Turret Defense

Category: Action Games
Tags: Defense
Build turrets and use them to defend against waves of enemies. Play more games at
Play The Jumper Game

The Jumper

Category: Action Games
Tags: skydive, sky-diver, air crash, extreme
Extreme adventures of sky-diver. Test yourself and save as many people as you can in the air crash.

Play H20 'zone Game

H20 'zone

Category: Sports Games
Tags: new game, fresh game, sea game, hot game, little game, litle, easy, water, funny, new release, coool, werezu, character, play, mouse, click, left click mouse, mini game, mini
Direct diver to hang on in the water The further the diver hang on the more point you will get Be careful from the object tha...
Play Sunny Lagoon Game

Sunny Lagoon

Category: Action Games
Tags: water, deep, girl, dive, jewels, pearls, treasure, fish, reef
Action-adventure game with relaxing effect. Nice girl dive in the sea and collect jewels. Player should find the optimal way ta...
Play QTE Sisyphus Game

QTE Sisyphus

Category: Rhythm Games
Tags: sisyphus, memory, patterns, pattern matching, endless, never-ending
A simple, straightforward game about memory, patterns, and timing. More than anything, it is an experiment with creating a s...
Play Stage Diver ll Game

Stage Diver ll

Category: Other Games
Tags: catch, avoid, shooter, punk
Punk Rock take on the popular apple catch and avoid game.
Play Biff and Baff Gone Divin' Game

Biff and Baff Gone Divin'

Category: Action Games
Tags: water, dive, biff, baff, starfish, fish, bubble
Catch the fishes without hitting them. Use the right coloured net to get points.
Play ClickSum Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: click, speed, precision, reflex
What drives someone from sanity to madness? Is it the incessant clicking of the mouse frantically trying to clear the world of ...
Play Diving Me Crazy Game

Diving Me Crazy

Category: Other Games
Tags: diving, bathysphere, ancient, archaeology, bald, coelacanth, octopus, artifacts, treasure
Dive deep into the ocean and ride its powerful currents in an non-propulsion based bathysphere -- circa 1937. Avoid angry, angr...