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Play FLY the eXcremator Game

FLY the eXcremator

Category: Action Games
Tags: excremator, funny, cartoon
Hard times have come. In order to secure its future a fly has started to collect supplies. Help the poor fly fill the pantr...
Play Letterset Game


Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: words letter picture
Discover obscure picture by guessing letterpuzzle.
Play QuestLine Game


Category: Adventure Games
Tags: adventure, quests, questline, quest line, quest chain, trading, puzzles, multiple endings
QuestLine is about learning who can provide certain items and how you can use them to procure other, more interesting items. Th...

Play Gerba Deadly Revenge Game

Gerba Deadly Revenge

Category: Action Games
Tags: Action, Adventure, Fighting, Shooting, Sword, Ninja, Side Scroller, Kill, Assassin, poison
A horizontal side scrolling fighting and shooting game. The triad leader hired assassin who poisoned the emperor. The emperor i...
Play Omu cu coasa Game

Omu cu coasa

Category: Action Games
Tags: emil, premier, prim ministru, prim-ministru, romania, bucuresti, pd-l, basescu, motiune, cenzura, guvern, cazut, crin antonescu, mircea geoana
Omagiu adus lui Emil Boc, premier in primul guvern ce a cazut dupa 1989 in Romania