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Play Unlucky Cloody Game

Unlucky Cloody

Category: Adventure Games
Tags: unlucky cloody, clouds games, cloud games, cloudy, knife games, knifes
Poor Cloody, help him to avoid knifes!
Play Balloon Bounce Game

Balloon Bounce

Category: Action Games
Tags: balloon, bounce, clouds, cute
Where does a balloon float when its child lets go? Customize a balloon, then bounce and float your way up into the sky!
Play Demon Assassin Game

Demon Assassin

Category: Action Games
Tags: alien, demon, skeleton, laser, assassin, ninja, shoot, shooting, jetpack, action, intense, fast, fight, adventure, destory, earth, cloud, clouds, rocket
The World has been destroyed by demons and the World calls on their last hope to rid of the invaders, the Demon Assassin.

Play Cloud Adventures Game

Cloud Adventures

Category: Shooting Games
Tags: ball, clouds, shooting, blue
Move ball to black hole using mouse.
Play Tactic Reaction Game

Tactic Reaction

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: Atomic, Reaction, action, ball, cloud, star
Use mouse to start atomic reaction
Play Cloud Bounce Game

Cloud Bounce

Category: Adventure Games
Tags: cloud, bounce.
Bounce your way to the top on bouncy clouds!
Play Bubblegum Bounce Game

Bubblegum Bounce

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: bubblegum, jump, collect, bounce, higher, clouds, cloud
Use your mouse to help this piece of bubble gum reach the stars!
Play CupidRun2 Game


Category: Adventure Games
Tags: Cupid Run2, cupid, cupid run, flying game, flash cupid, cloud.
CupidRun2 is a simple flash game. The game idea is the Cupid will jump over clouds, clouds will move horizontally in sky.
Play Shoot the Stars Game

Shoot the Stars

Category: Shooting Games
Tags: shoot, star, cloud, action, shooting, click
Your objective is to destroy as many stars as possible within 60 seconds. Use your mouse to aim and click to destroy stars.
Play Fruit Dodge Game

Fruit Dodge

Category: Adventure Games
Tags: helicopter, fruit, clouds, banana, apple, explosion, getaway, timetrial, survive
Take to the skies in this arcade masterpiece. Dodge as the Gods throw Apples and Bananas at your humble flying craft. What lies...