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Play Shooting Master Game

Shooting Master

Category: Adventure Games
Tags: Shooting master, shoot, shooter, weapon, puzzle, jigsaw, skill, sniper, pistol
Shooting master is in charge. A full action included jigsaw puzzle game for puzzle masters.
Play BackBack Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: back, ping, pong, depth, tennis, wall, ball, kirl
a 3d pong like game. Move your paddle with the mouse, click to add a ball and release to shoot. Charge up a balls points by ...
Play Blobie Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: Action, Space, Shooter, Asteroids, Meteors, Matter, Time, HighScores, Score, Killl, Destroy, Star, SandFire, Blobie, SandFire1on1, Music, Katamari, Collect, Free, Flash, Game
Blobie is an interactive space shooter twist. Instead of shooting things, you simply run into them... with the Sun! You play...

Play EcoSaviors Game


Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: earth, worms, shoot, charge, obama
Save the world with your aiming and shooting skills. Send the right messages to the right people and complete the restoration o...
Play The Power Bowler Game

The Power Bowler

Category: Sports Games
Tags: cricket
Bowl em' out. Get set and charge-in to knock out your opponents in the game of cricket.
Play ElectroART Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: electron, retro, drive, electrodevice, lamp, resistors, transistors, diodes, trace, pictures, technology, electricity, current, charge, walt, amperes
This retro game representing the dawning of electrotechnics of mid 20 th century. In addition to the scientific basis, the game...
Play Virtual Farm Game

Virtual Farm

Category: Action Games
Tags: farm, virtual farm, time management
Old MacDonald had a farm. Now you can, too, in Virtual Farmer, the game that puts you in charge of turning a struggling farm in...
Play DropSum v2 Game

DropSum v2

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: dropsum rotation puzzle
v2 of DropSum. Completely re-written from the ground up (I've learned how to program a bit more since the original!)...
Play Solar Storm Game

Solar Storm

Category: Action Games
Tags: Space, Solar, Mouse, Storm
Pilot your ship through the asteroid field for as long as possible, Collect batteries to recharge your shield
Play tricharge Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: connect three
charge three orbs and watch them fly, earn rewards for the next round with great scores