Your search for Cave

Play Heli Game Game

Heli Game

Category: Action Games
Tags: heli, helicopter, cave, click, arcade, classic
Fly the helicopter through the cave trying to avoid obstacles
Play Penguin Swim Game

Penguin Swim

Category: Action Games
Tags: penguin, swim, penguinswim, water, snow, arcade, classic
Can you guide your penguin through the snow cave?
Play Captain Adventure Man Game

Captain Adventure Man

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: Puzzle, math, push, logic, stone, person, treasure, collect, power, items, time, glove, boots
A puzzle game in which you explore a vast cave in order to collect a variety of treasures and items. The different items will g...

Play The Plunge Game

The Plunge

Category: Action Games
Tags: Submarine Awesomeness.
Welcome to "The Plunge." Your mission is to find the secret treasure at the bottom of the cave. Be careful though... th...
Play Arrow Flyer Game

Arrow Flyer

Category: Action Games
Tags: arrow, flyer, arrow flyer, danny birch, avoider, flying, dodge, object
Avoid the shapes! Fly your arrow through the cave using the up arrow only!
Play Sacred Symbols Game

Sacred Symbols

Category: Action Games
Tags: unbounded games, Collapse, match, puzzle, bricks breaking, cube crash, pop pies, christmas crunch, blockarelli, globs, poxxle, snow madness, christmas couples, blockular, bobblox, smiley puzzle, rank grabber, monster match, linyca, crystal caverns, matching game, matching
Use magic to gain a color matching advantage and cause huge chain reactions in this awesome rendition of a very familiar game.
Play Xue Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: caves, caverns, ludum dare, ld15, cavern exploration
Explore caverns searching for crystals and grabbing fuel to stay alive, while you avoid vicious, fireball-spitting creatures.
Play Sponge Bob Caveman Jigsaw Puzzle Game

Sponge Bob Caveman Jigsaw Puzzle

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: Spongebob, Sponge Bob, Caveman, Puzzle, Jigsaw
Sponge Bob Caveman jigsaw puzzle. 4 levels of difficulty. Enjoy!
Play Rocks and Diamonds Game

Rocks and Diamonds

Category: Action Games
Tags: catch, diamond, dodge, rocks, shoot, gnome, cave
Help Gnorman the Gnome catch as many diamonds as possible without getting squished! Some diamonds have special powers. Destroyi...
Play Match Jewels Game

Match Jewels

Category: Board Games
Tags: match 3, bejeweled, match three, jewels quest, jewels, Diamond Mine, star trek, computer, puzzel, puzzels, board, arcade, cave, diamond, crystal, marble, egypt, stian, thomassen
Match the jewels, gain point and level up. How far can you get?