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Play Leaf Catcher Game

Leaf Catcher

Category: Other Games
Tags: mew the snail, leaf catcher, leaf, autumn, catching game
Help! Mew is doing a science project and needs some leaves. Use the mouse to collect only the red colored leaves as they fall t...
Play Coin Catcher Game

Coin Catcher

Category: Action Games
Tags: catch, bucket, coins
A frantic coin catching game. Be quick, you only have 30 seconds!
Play Fruit Catch Game

Fruit Catch

Category: Other Games
Tags: fruit catch, fruit, veggie, catcher
Test your skills with this fast paced fruit catching game. Using your mouse, move the fruit basket back and forth to collect as...

Play The Sky is Falling Game

The Sky is Falling

Category: Action Games
Tags: catch, acorns, sky is falling, chicken little, catching game
Help Chicken Little catch the falling acorns.