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Play Take It Down Game

Take It Down

Category: Action Games
Tags: Physics, Blocks, Box2d, Boxes, Construction, Demolition, Block Removal, Physics Games, Funky Physics, Heroik
Destroy the blocks to demolish the building under the level line without damaging nearby buildings and protecting the workers f...
Play Jigsaw: Los Angeles Skyline Game

Jigsaw: Los Angeles Skyline

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: skyline, city, town, buildings, build, skyscraper, jigsaw, puzzle
Looking up makes my head spin.
Play AC-130 Spectre Game

AC-130 Spectre

Category: Action Games
Tags: Ac-130 war plane dogfight gunship building battle spectre death from above
Pilot an AC-130 gunship and destroy enemy buildings and aircrafts.

Play Dog in City Game

Dog in City

Category: Action Games
Tags: animals, roads, buildings, trees, people, life
You are found in small city in dug the dogs, collect the asterisks and get the spectacles. Be careful, you can brush ag...
Play SimpleRTS Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: Real Time Strategy, strategy, collective, simple
SimpleRTS: Collective is a strategy game where you build various units, buildings, and see how long you can survive!
Play Escape The Flood Game

Escape The Flood

Category: Action Games
Tags: Flood, jump, escape
Run along the tops of buildings to escape the flood.
Play Downtown Zombies Game

Downtown Zombies

Category: Action Games
Tags: Zombie, Hero, Shoot, Timer
Stop the zombies from destroying the buildings by killing them. If you kill all the zombies before they destroy all the buildi...
Play Color Bomb Game

Color Bomb

Category: Action Games
Tags: flying, plane, paintball, color, colour, bomb, dropping, drop
Fly your paintball shooting plane around the colorless world. Shoot paintballs and gain points by coloring buildings by droppin...
Play World Cleaner Game

World Cleaner

Category: Action Games
Tags: Buldozer, world cleaner, clean, destroy, building
Clean World, destroy buildings!!!
Play Civilizations Wars Game

Civilizations Wars

Category: Adventure Games
Tags: Civilization War Ancient Magic
A fast thinking RTS/RPG game, with deep tactic capabilities and amazing graphic in unique style. Choose one of three races and ...