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Play Balloon Pop Game

Balloon Pop

Category: Action Games
Tags: christmas, clix, balloons, popping
How many balloons can you blow up and pop? You have to be quick in order to get the highest score!
Play Mouse Not Allowed Game

Mouse Not Allowed

Category: Action Games
Tags: nov2009-contest, mouse, human, head, blow up, hammer, blood, skill, toss
60-second mouse hitting challange. How much youcan hit them. Becarefull, the mouse king will appear at few last second.
Play Monster Luring Game

Monster Luring

Category: Action Games
Tags: nov2009-contest, parasitic, monster, luring, agame, spil, bomb, chain
Monster Luring is a game in which the objective is to blow up as many monsters as possible. Drop food to lure the monsters toge...

Play Pearl Harbor Game

Pearl Harbor

Category: Shooting Games
Tags: Pearl Harbor
Blow up as many ships as you can. Its like you were really there!
Play Zombie Survival Game

Zombie Survival

Category: Action Games
Tags: Zombie Survival
Shoot down the zombies popping up from the ground with your gun or blow up a pack of them with grenaUse the arrow keys to contr...
Play Aquarium Sprengischen Game

Aquarium Sprengischen

Category: Action Games
Tags: Aquarium Sprengischen
Drop sticks of dynamite into an aquarium to try and blow up fish.
Play Avoid It Game

Avoid It

Category: Action Games
Tags: Avoid It
Maneuver your space fighter through the meteor shower and blow up the meteors before they strike you
Play Blow Up Game

Blow Up

Category: Arcade Games
Bobble Bubble clone with various ball theme