Your search for Birds

Play Egg Smash Game

Egg Smash

Category: Action Games
Tags: eggsmash, bird, fall
Egg Smash is a funny skill game where you have to save little birds from smashing on the ground. Click on the falling eggs, to ...
Play Whisper Freedom FIght Game

Whisper Freedom FIght

Category: Action Games
Tags: bugs, girls, freedom
Attach wings to the sluggishly moving lady birds before you run out of time.
Play Puzzle Mania v2 - Birds Game

Puzzle Mania v2 - Birds

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: puzzle, birds
Puzzle Mania v2 - Birds is a smart puzzle game where you have to drag & drop the parts of the puzzle and place them on the ...

Play Bird Hunter Game

Bird Hunter

Category: Action Games
Tags: birdhunter, bird, hunt, shoot
shoot more than 25 birds
Play Chase the Bunny Game

Chase the Bunny

Category: Action Games
Tags: bunny chase spinning ball clouds birds action
Control a ball and try to tag the bunny.
Play Sky Madness Game

Sky Madness

Category: Action Games
Tags: air traffic control, midair, airplanes, planes, flying, airport, aircraft, runway
If you enjoyed the Airport Madness series, you will love Sky Madness. Prevent mid-air collisions by assigning aircraft to diff...
Play Shooting practice Game

Shooting practice

Category: Shooting Games
Tags: shooting, practice, plates, shooter, bonus, lifes, levels, score
Shooting game. Practice shooting on plates. You got different kind of plates. Every plate does something else. 1 Point, bonus p...
Play Bug Squad Game

Bug Squad

Category: Shooting Games
A dumb but fun shooter. Think missile defence on acid as you battle to save your town from plague carrying pigs, birds and mons...
Play Robot Bimmy Game

Robot Bimmy

Category: Action Games
Tags: platform, beanstalk, bean, robot, bimmy, platformer, birds
Help Bimmy break the world record for the highest any robot has ever climbed up a series of magical beanstalks.
Play Slingshot Master Game

Slingshot Master

Category: Action Games
Tags: shooter, slingshot, skill, hitting, birds, balloons, break, shooting, disparar, tiros, tirachinas, globos, accion, infantil, kids, funny, bonus, score, rank, amateur
This is a pure shooter game. Your weapon is a wooden slingshoot, and your objective is to win as much points as you can hitting...