Your search for Balance

Play Perfect Balance 2 Mobile Game

Perfect Balance 2 Mobile

Category: Education Games
Tags: perfect, balance, physics, puzzle, drop, shape, brick, ttursas, adobe2010, android 2.2, nexus one
Rotate and stack shapes, once more, and try to achieve perfect balance in this physics puzzle! 100 levels! For Flash capable mo...
Play Bench Press Game

Bench Press

Category: Sports Games
Tags: physics, powerlifting, track and field, muscles
How much ya bench? Hammer the keyboard with both hands till your arms fall off or the keyboard breaks in this ultimate test ...
Play Tippy Truck Game

Tippy Truck

Category: Action Games
Tags: truck, physics, racing, tippy, balance, skill
Use balance and skill to guide the truck safely to the end of each level.

Play A Measure of Treasure Game

A Measure of Treasure

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: pirate, puzzle, balance, gems, treasure, scales, weigh, game
Weigh gems so that each pirate gets his fair share of treasure...or else.
Play Rapid Roll Game

Rapid Roll

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: Balance
Its a additive game.Your goal is to balance your Particle in your eye sight so that it can not go out of your sight..
Play matchthree Game


Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: match, Three, matchThree, Puzzles, faceMatch, newMatch
MatchThree with 8 fan tools: 1:eliminate the horizontal line. 2:eliminate the vertical line. 3:reset the faces. 4...
Play Jungle Tower 2 The Balancer Game

Jungle Tower 2 The Balancer

Category: Action Games
Tags: jungle, tower, jungle tower, sequel, jungle, physics, box2d
Jungle Tower is a sequel to a popular balancing high scores game with a nice cartoon graphics and jungle atmosphere!
Play Balance the Ball Game

Balance the Ball

Category: Board Games
Tags: kids, nice, ball, rolling, addictive
Very good game for kids to learn to keep their focus.
Play Balance the Dog Game

Balance the Dog

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: strategy, game, kids, dogs
Keep the dog rolling or you will loose.
Play Rotate & Roll Game

Rotate & Roll

Category: Action Games
Tags: physics, puzzle, box2d, level editor, balance, skill, spin
Rotate your way through 40 challenging levels. Roll the balls to the bubble to progress.