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Play Piano Avoider Mobile Game

Piano Avoider Mobile

Category: Adventure Games
Tags: piano, avoid, avoider, rubensworks, rubens, works, stick, adobe2010, falling, splash, dead, tgcgames
Piano's are falling from the sky! Avoid them in this amazing 2D adventure.
Play Monster Avoider Game

Monster Avoider

Category: Action Games
Tags: avoid, monster, monsters
Collect the stars and avoid the monsters.
Play Wastelander Game


Category: Racing Games
Tags: waste, lander, action, drive, driver, kill, zombie, zombies, destruction, shooter, highscore, scroller, avoid, avoider, survivor
An endless war destroyed the world Cities gone into flames and people started to feed on each other. A peacefull world once, ...

Play Space Shoot Out Game

Space Shoot Out

Category: Shooting Games
Tags: space, shooter, laser, ship
How many enemies can you destroy in this space shooter/avoider game? Use your skills to get the top high score.
Play Fancy Footwork Game

Fancy Footwork

Category: Other Games
Tags: arcade, avoid, avoider, simple
Move the square to avoid being hit by the circles. The circles speed will gradually increase, making the game harder. Try and r...
Play missile avoider Game

missile avoider

Category: Racing Games
Tags: missile, space, avoider, game, dodge, ship, alien, halo, future, rocket, nuke
avoid the missiles as long as you can to earn points
Play AETIN Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: avoider effects relaxing beautiful simple
Simple. Relaxing. Beautiful.
Play Smileys of Doom! Game

Smileys of Doom!

Category: Action Games
Tags: Smiley, Avoider, Doom
Try to avoid the evil smileys in this fun avoider game!
Play Explosive Balls Game

Explosive Balls

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: balls, avoider, physics
Explosive Balls is a simple physics game.
Play Distortion Factor Game

Distortion Factor

Category: Action Games
Tags: distort, warp, collect, avoid, mouse
A collecter/avoider with a graphical twist