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Play Jigsaw: Monterey Game

Jigsaw: Monterey

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: house, architecture, build, building, construction, jigsaw, puzzle
House hanging over the sea.
Play Jigsaw: Fishing Boats Game

Jigsaw: Fishing Boats

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: boats, ship, fishing, fish, sailor, food, tool, metal, engineering, architecture, motor, jigsaw, puzzle
Red fishing boats lined up for the night.
Play Jigsaw: Seaside Bridge Game

Jigsaw: Seaside Bridge

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: bridge, stones, water, nature, architecture, jigsaw, puzzle
I wouldn't like to stand on this bridge in stormy weather. If you decide to do so, put a raincoat on.

Play Jigsaw: Wooden House Game

Jigsaw: Wooden House

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: House, architecture, building, wood, wooden, small, jigsaw, puzzle
Old wooden house with a messy garden.
Play Jigasw: Arezzo Arch Game

Jigasw: Arezzo Arch

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: architecture, building, Italy, Toscana, Arezzo, jigsaw, puzzle
Arch in Arezzo, one the richest city in Toscana.
Play Jigsaw: Winter House Game

Jigsaw: Winter House

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: House, building, architecture, snow, jigsaw, puzzle
Let go up into the muontains and have some fun in the snow.
Play Jigsaw: Church Tower Game

Jigsaw: Church Tower

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: church, tower, building, construction, architecture, jigsaw, puzzle
Church tower seems like falling down.
Play Jigsaw: Roof Windows Game

Jigsaw: Roof Windows

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: windows, sunshine, architecture, building, construction, build, jigsaw, puzzle
A little morning sunshine in the bedroom windows.