Rhythm Games

Play Aigia Fuxia Game

Aigia Fuxia

Tags: aigia fuxia, aigia, fuxia, Aigia Fuxia, Aigia, Fuxia, Cyprus, Funny
A Rhythm game from Cyprus! Enjoy!
Play QTE Sisyphus Game

QTE Sisyphus

Tags: sisyphus, memory, patterns, pattern matching, endless, never-ending
A simple, straightforward game about memory, patterns, and timing. More than anything, it is an experiment with creating a s...
Play Zodiac Reactor Game

Zodiac Reactor

Tags: Zodiac Reactor, skill, elemental, timing, reflex, orbs, color, Funface Games, Sam Horton
Capture Elemental Particles in order to power the Zodiac Reactor—an ancient device capable of creating stars!

Play null-G Game


Tags: null, null-g, avoid, jump, blue, orbs
Avoid obstacles in a zero-gravitation envionment.
Play Toodle Game


Tags: dictionary.com, typing, text
A simple text timing game for dictionary.com
Play Letters Game


Tags: letters, words, alphabet, keyboard, speed, type, characters, keys, english, competitive, race
How fast are you on the keyboard?
Play Tetris Climber Game

Tetris Climber

Tags: nov2009-contest, tetris, climber, jump, tetrisclimber, jumper, tower, icytower, elvis, contest
The main aim of the game is to climb as far as you can. Extra points are earned by doing combos and also by collecting all the ...
Play Rhythm of Arabia Game

Rhythm of Arabia

Tags: rhythm, music, arabic, beat, dance
Probably the first Arabic rhythm game ever! play through 4 popular Arabic songs, submit your score online!