Retro Games

Play Ledix Game


Tags: Ledix
Push the blue diamonds into their correct locations to proceed further in this tricky game.
Play Sobics School 2 Game

Sobics School 2

Tags: Sobics School 2
Eliminate all the groups of same colored tiles from an array in this nice little game.
Play Tlox Game


Tags: Tlox
Guide a bright little orb through a dangerous pathway in the dark Space and avoid falling down.

Play Atomica Game


Tags: Atomica
Atoms make everything - even big scores. To score big, arrange three or more atoms of similar color
Play Just Sudoku Game

Just Sudoku

Tags: Just Sudoku
A Sudoku game with lots of different puzzles to solve offline without using pen and paper.
Play Column Jump Game

Column Jump

Tags: Column Jump
Jump the pegs over each other according to color remove all to win.
Play Koala Checkers Game

Koala Checkers

Tags: Koala Checkers
Classic checkers board game, jump your pieces over the enemy and take all of them to win.
Play Lights Out Game

Lights Out

Tags: Lights Out
Click on different light bulbs to turn them off while turning other ones on.
Play Othello Game


Tags: Othello
Place your white piece down and change the computer's black pieces to white.
Play Xiang Qi Online Game

Xiang Qi Online

Tags: Xiang Qi Online
Play chinese chess with another player online move your pieces strategically.