Soeungsros Mobile Wallpaper

Soeungsros Mobile Wallpaper
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Soeungsros Mobile Wallpaper Description

SOEUNG SROS Student at Wat Phnom High School in Cambodia Born : 29 November 1993 Place : Pray Veng ,Cambodia School : Wat Phnom High school Profession : Student Religion : Theravada Buddhism Father : kok Sreng Job : Police Mother : khong Nhor Job : House 's Wife Nowday Soeung Sros live in Str.416 , New Phnom Penh , Sen Sok commune , Phnom Penh ,Cambodia And he has been studying khmer and English in Phnom Penh . Now he is studying at 11 grade at Wat Phnom High school . Life of Soeung Sros Soeung Sros (was born in 1993 , Pray Veng in cambodia ) when he was young (6 years old ) he lived with his grand mother in Pray Veng . In 2001 -2007 he studied at Phnov High School in Pray Veng . And he gave alot Award of Compliment of graduation in School . In 2008 he moved to Phnom Penh ,lived with his parents and then studied at Wat Phnom High school . He and his parents lived in bong kok , Tuk Khuk Commune , Don Phnom , Phnom Penh in 2008 until 2010 . Then In 2011 he moved to live in New Phnom Penh , Sen Sok commune , Phnom Penh , Cambodia .

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Male 21 Yrs old

Country: Cambodia

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