ShotOn For Sony: Auto Add Shot On Photo Watermark Mobile Software

ShotOn For Sony: Auto Add Shot On Photo Watermark Mobile Software
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ShotOn For Sony: Auto Add Shot On Photo Watermark Mobile Software Description

a?? Flaunt all your captured photographs with a “Shot on” Watermark Tag for Sony smartphones with the assistance of "ShotOn Trio Tags" in the combination of Editable - “Device Brand Logo, ShotOn text and Shot by text”.

Using the app, ShotOn watermark can be added straight away while capturing photos through your Built-in Camera only.

a?? “Shot on for Sony” android application has been developed especially for Sony Mobile users who wish to have a ShotOn tag on their Images. 

Just swipe the toggle and choose the model logo of your mobile handset from the given catalog, edit your Shot on and Shot by text and that’s it! 

az? Shot on stamp watermark will now be added automatically on all your photographs just like a cakewalk! 

aoe? What’s over and above?

Furnishing it to the extent, here is what we have come up to enhance trio tags!

aoe" Import and Customize your own Logo
aoe" Changeable “Shot on” Device Logo
aoe" Editable “ShotOn text” tag
aoe" Add your own “Shot by text” watermark
aoe" Varieties of Fascinated Font Formats.
aoe" Resizable Font dimensions.
aoe" Changeable Shot on tag positions 

Decorating your digital shot photographs turns out to be extreme simple as ShotOn for Mi android app has been perfectly polished with the smoothest UI, which supports you to write text to pictures as Signature to grandstand your own particular identity.

Moreover, you can even use this trio in your single shot as per the image look and feel to make it appear more enchanting.

Looking for a wider way to use it? We will explain even that for you!

aoe? Where to use shot on for Sony:

You might have seen several pictures embedded with title named “shot on for mi” as well for oneplus right? They had this features on their inbuilt smartphone, but now, even you can use it!

Normally “POSE “and “CLICK” everywhere you go with your built-in camera and the app will insert the signature text you have set as a Watermark “ShotOn” tag automatically.
You can share those photographs socially online and frame up to make it look distinct among everyone.

aoe?Where to use shot by text:

Bring your Mobile photography skills into light by watermarking text to photo embedded with “Shot by” Tag to it and demonstrate it to bunch up all the kudos you deserve

By marking your photograph with “Shot by” name label you can easily markup your identity in everyone’s mind and make them recite that “THIS ELEGANCE WAS CLICKED BY HIM/HER”

You can as well jazz up your image by endeavoring your Signature beautifully over selecting numerous font formats complimenting your captured photograph.

aoe? Where to use Shot on Brand Logo:

So you loved the mobile handset you recently bought? We will make everyone know about it and make them wonder how astonishing your mobile handset is and make it slay distinctly.

Just Select, Tap ,Add your ShotOn and let people know “I OWN THIS BRAND”

You can even choose the model name of your mobile phone in addition with the Shoton device logo or upload your own desired logo to make it more enticing and desirable.

a?s Want more reasons to get us ?

aoeOE Specifically Designed and Constructed for Sony Users
aoeOE Only Application which Watermarks Trio of Tags in a Single Picture
aoeOE Uses Built-in Mobile Camera for Sony 

So if you are a Sony Device Consumer, there can’t be a better App for marking up your mobile captured photographs with these Trio of Shot on Tags! Exactly right, What are you waiting for? Download it now!

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