Musical Numbers Puzzle 2048 Mobile Game

Musical Numbers Puzzle 2048 Mobile Game
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  • Category: Mobile Games / Arcade
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  • Game Platform: Android
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Tags: NUMBERS ADDICT , Numbers Puzzle Deluxe

Musical Numbers Puzzle 2048 Mobile Game Description

Numbers game with music and more colorful backgrounds.Musical Puzzle Deluxe

Features: Join the numbers and get to the 1024 or the 2048th tile.

A good puzzle game for everyone, the most perfect for Android till date.

A stress ball effect.

Improves memory and tests your logic.

The game rules are extremely simple with numeric challenges.

Kids can develop their mind and adults can keep theirs from aging.

Constant brain training is essential both for kids mind development and for keeping brain active and not aging for adults. This app is suitable for any gender, age and profession. You can train each day and observe your progress by unlocking subsequent achievements.

Great sound effects.

Hone your flexibility and thinking process.

Play anywhere, on the way to school, office or market.

Use your time playing this endless engaging, colorful game.

Put on your thinking cap and move tiles, swipe and stay in line to get to the Magic tile.

Join the community of players, and collect clues

Clear visuals and charming graphics with incredible depth of game play.

Synchronize and make your move.

Share progress with Facebook friends.

Kid-friendly display.

Join the numbers, be fast and solve the puzzle to get to the tile.

Immensely popular game available on the web.

Suitable for lovers of math and puzzles.

Various speeds and difficulties.

Addictive, appealing number puzzle game for Android.

Captivating, challenges your reflexes in mind and body.

Social sharing and performance features.

Games automatically stored on your device, so current games are safely stored!

Challenge your friends with the new devices that count and record.

Move the tiles on the board with your fingers. Similar tiles merge when they touch. Moves are smooth.

You can follow the web site for news and updates on Musical Game

Stress busting and relaxing.

Seek the complexity this game offers

Twitter: @webprogrPro
Email for support: [email protected] //


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