Mirage Money 2 Mobile Game

Mirage Money 2 Mobile Game
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About this Mobile Game

  • Category: Mobile Games / Action
  • Rating: Mirage Money 2 Mobile Game4.0/ out of 5 (1 vote cast)
  • Downloads: 270
  • File Size: 1.45 MB
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  • Game Platform: Symbian
  • Game Type: Freeware
Tags: Mirage Money 2

Mirage Money 2 Mobile Game Description

The aim of the game is collect as much coins as possible from the floating silver and gold coins in the virtual sky to build one's wealth. The player has to maneuver his/her plane in the sky and collide with the coins to collect them by moving the phone up/down and left/right. The more coins are collected the heavier and slower the plane gets. You can collect up to 20 coins before your plane falls down and collapses. To prevent this from happening we have introduced floating banks to the game. They are scattered in the sky so that players can deposit their collected coins in and continue playing smoothly. For more information and to activate the game (FREE) visit the following site: http://www.miragemoney.com

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