Tangram Mobile Game

Tangram Mobile Game
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  • Category: Mobile Games / Action
  • Rating: Tangram Mobile Game3.5/ out of 5 (4 votes cast)
  • Downloads: 465
  • File Size: 217.59 KB
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  • Game Platform: Java (J2ME)
  • Game Type: Freeware
Tags: Tangram

Tangram Mobile Game Description

Tangram is a famous jigsaw puzzle toy of China. It has been popular for its scientific design, brisk conception, and change-ful pattern. It was also popular in oversea countries after it went abroad and called as” T'ang Picture” which means Chinese picture board. Now Gamemobile has made it as a game, so just let us have a try.Tangram is a famous jigsaw puzzle toy of China. It has been popular for its scientific design, brisk conception, and changeful pattern. It was also popular in oversea countries after it went abroad and called as” T'ang Picture” which means Chinese picture board. Now Gamemobile has made it as a game, so just let us have a try.

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Motorola Games

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