Yoga Asana Sanskrit Terms Mobile Game

Yoga Asana Sanskrit Terms Mobile Game
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Yoga Asana Sanskrit Terms Mobile Game Description

Yoga asanas involve lots of Sanskrit terms.Here we have a searchable list with meanings of Sanskrit terms and their English equivalents of asanas and also philosophy.

For example Adho mukha Svanasana is the rather quaint 'Downward facing dog' pose. Upavistha Konasana is the quainter 'Wide angled seated forward bend'.Or various poses or different pranayama variations. Or sun salutation

This app is aimed at helping the yoga teachers and practitioners with various Sanskrit terms that is being regularly used, by gurus.

Yoga actually dates back to 3,000 years. Yoga had its root in India and the word yoga means ëto joiní. Today yoga is practiced by approximately 6 million people and this number is consistently growing.

Once upon time yoga was perceived as a religion. Now people practice yoga for exercise and as a way to relieve stress.

Yogis practiced it to increase their life span so that they can obtain moksha/nirvana/eternal liberation.

Sanskrit being the spoken language of India in the past the terms are in Sanskrit.

This app aims at giving English equivalents to those Sanskrit terms. Once English speaking practitioners can understand the meaning of the Sanskrit terms it will help them to do the yoga asana with a clarity of mind, and clear their doubts, which is the sole aim of the yoga.

Key features:

We have a searchable list with meanings of Sanskrit terms and their English equivalents of asanas and also philosophy.

For example, ‘Adho mukha svanasana’ is the rather quaint ‘downward facing dog’ pose. ‘Upavistha konasana’ is the quainter wide angled seated forward bend.

Other terms include stuff like ‘Jivan-mukti’ or the state of liberation! Or ‘maya’ the illusive power of the world. Of course many are now familiar inclusive sort of English words like mantra, guru, mudra etc.

Recommend it to other practitioners of yoga and attain liberation for you as well as other practitioners.Become a yogi.

All the mentioned exercises we do daily 6 am. helping attain full fitness. Yoga - a science which took more than a century of painstaking research to present an impartial evaluation of a practice thousands of years old.

Practitioners will be able to shatter myth and understand unexpected benefits. Though it is very ancient, it can be improved by learned gurus to meet the needs of modern day.

Also included the daily updated regular news-feed of 'Avenue Yoga' on world yogic matters.
Very soon to be published our 'Avenue Yoga' daily exercise and breathing routine app.


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