Armored Strike Mobile Game

Armored Strike Mobile Game
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About this Mobile Game

  • Category: Mobile Games / Shooting
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  • Game Platform: Android
  • Game Type: Freeware
Tags: armored strike, force attack, army air attack, fighters, guns

Armored Strike Mobile Game Description

Classic tank warfare with a modern touch - and extreme firepower!

Classic tank warfare with a modern touch and extreme firepower! Play online now!

Genre: Worms, Scorched Earth, iShoot.

7 Vehicles, 31 weapons, 9 Terrains, 3 CPU AIs, 5 wind Settings, 75 Achievements.

ONLINE PLAY, Zooming, In-game chat, Player Rankings, and Leaderboard.

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Evo 4G, Hero, Touch 3G, Incredible S, Desire Z, Dream, Legend, Desire HD, Aria, Desire, Wildfire, Tattoo, Touch

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