Hexxagon Labs For Windows Mobile Mobile Game

Hexxagon Labs For Windows Mobile Mobile Game
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  • Category: Mobile Games / Puzzle
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  • Game Platform: Windows Mobile
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Tags: new, games, puzzle, brain, board, intellect, hexagon, logic, tactics, herocraft

Hexxagon Labs For Windows Mobile Mobile Game Description

Hexxagon Labs is the amazing logic game, which contains over a dozen arenas filled with intellectual challenges where you are able to compete with computer rivals or play with your friends!

Funny chemistry, witty physics, exciting astronomy… Do you think that there are no such things on our planet? If so, you haven’t play Hexxagon Labs yet! Just drop in to the most unusual laboratory in the world and test the power of your mind! This amusing tactical logic game includes 17 original hard-to-solve levels. The goal of the game in each level is to occupy as many cells on a field as possible, capturing pieces of an enemy. Your rivals will be the best American and European professors whose brains were implanted in the game’s artificial intellect system. You also will have an opportunity to play Hexxagon Labs with one or two friends using only one device!

In addition, Hexxagon Labs is full of interesting facts and entertaining material. Before every level you will receive new astonishing scientific information giving you the opportunity, when you have the chance, to show off your erudition and amaze acquaintances by your knowledge.

The more you play Hexxagon Labs, the smarter you will become!

Game features:

  • Play with one or two friends
  • 27 complicated levels / 3 bonus tutorial levels
  • 3 game modes
  • Original set of amusing facts from the scientific world
  • Stylish music
  • Attractive and bright graphics

New features in version 1.23:

  • Extra levels
  • Improved graphics
  • Additionally localized to German, Spanish, Czech
  • New final scene
  • Online records table
  • New music track
  • Updated points calculation system with bonuses

Supported Mobiles For Hexxagon Labs For Windows Mobile Mobile Game

HTC Games

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Qtek Games

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