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The simplest and cheepest cell phone

Written by JOJY on May 29, 2008 – 2:14 am -

The name says it all. The Spartan Cell Phone from hop-on will only cost you $10. This cell phone is for the frugal at heart. No display, no bells and whistles, just a plain old keypad to make your calls with. I think there is a growing number of consumers out there that just want to make a phone call. They’re not worried about chatting online, receiving emails, or taking pictures. They just want a simple device that they can call home with. I personally, the last time I purchased a cell phone I looked for the most basic device I could find so this is something I’ll surely look at a little deeper. Go see one at hop-on. Here are the basics of this unit: Size: 96.6mm(D)x41.6mm(W)x14mm(H) Weight: 77g Bands: Dual-band 850/1900MHz or 900/1800MHz Battery: Standard Li-Ion 600mAh Battery Life: Talk time 4 hours; Standby time 150 hours Ringer: Polyphonic (16 Midi) Embedded Vibration: Yes SIM Lock: Yes Keypad Lock: Yes

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