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LG Optimus G Mobile Review

Written by JOJY on October 24, 2012 – 1:44 pm -

The latest addition from LG, the Optimus G has been launched just at the start of this month, and so far consumers are welcoming the device well. As has been the strategy employed by LG in the past, with the Optimus G the firm has once again tried to have one of their products accommodate as much high end parts and services as  can possibly be put into a single device. To some extent the firm has been successful with the Optimus G though the only thing which has had to suffer is its size. Similar to other up sized smart phones in the market today, this addition from LG isn’t exactly something you would fit in to your trousers pocket and go about your day comfortably, the inside pocket on your coat, or maybe in a small bag, would be locations better suited for this device. Measuring at slightly over 5 inches tall, with a width of nearly three inches and less than an inch thick, this device is quite prominent, in the hand and pocket.


Though there are other features of the phone which make it equally prominent in other arenas. For instance the Optimus G is one of the few quad core powered smart phones in the market. This time LG has taken to Qualcomm for its processing solutions, acquiring one of Qualcomm’s debutant quad core chips. Also to accompany the quad core processor the device is equipped with Android 4.0 operating system to really get the most out of the hardware on the phone. The latest version of Android will not only provide users with a  new experience but it will also mean that this phone will be compatible with more upcoming releases of Android, and it would be great if the much anticipated Android 5 generation can also run on this device. Not only is the processor a great step forward but some varieties off this handset offered by other vendors and service providers features a 13 megapixel camera on the back, though an eight megapixel camera is standard on the device. With lightning fast LTE speeds this phone is bound to surpass all your connectivity and communication needs.

Even though there is a lot in this device which is bound to come in handy to many users there is still not much which is unique to this device, or something which you will not find on any other device. Much of the competition for this device offers, similar, if not better performance and functionality than the Optimus G. For instance other products such as the iPhone 5 or the HTC One X offers similar technology though with their own added benefits. LG has been successful in managing to give its competitors a tougher time but has not done much to secure its own position in the smart phone market.

One of the problems which consumers will certainly come across as they use the device is the battery consumption problem. The large screen, as colorful as it may be, as well as the blazing processor ripping through commands, is quite a drain on the battery pack and keeping the phone charged is a task in itself. Speaking of the bright screen, it is a power demanding display due largely to its size. At 4.7 inches it is larger than other smart phone screens and offers a pixel per inch density (PPI) of 320, whereas devices such as the iPhone 5 and Nokia Lumia 920 deliver 326 PPI and 332 PPI respectively.

It will be interesting to see how consumers measure this device against others in the market and how far the high end hardware takes LG.

Check LG Optimus G Mobile Specification here.

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Happy Holidays from MobileToones

Written by JOJY on December 24, 2010 – 2:11 pm -

Christmas and New Year bring more and more fun to MobileToones. Explore through a large collection of Christmas and New Year theme based mobile wallpapers , mobile themes, mobile games, mobile software just for free!

Now you can download through a large variety of free mobile videos from MT anytime and enjoy watching them on your mobile phone.

MobileToones receives a large contribution from its users that help us in making our website better all the time.

Thanks a lot for being a part of MobileToones, we appreciate your contribution to our website. We thank you for all your feedback, and for helping us achieve this level of success. We hope to continue an ever lasting bond with all our users and clients in the future.
We wish you all a jolly Christmas and a very Happy New Year and pray for your success and prosperity through the journey of your life.

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Developers Upload Your Applications and We Will Promote Them For You

Written by JOJY on July 11, 2010 – 9:10 am -

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iPhone 4Gs Reviews

Written by JOJY on June 24, 2010 – 9:14 pm -

iPhone 4GsThe long awaited iPhone 4GS finally was released in June 24th. Steve Jobs has claimed that the new iPhone 4GS has more than a 100 new features to it. Nearly all the versions of the iPhone came in with a bang, but this one is surely on the go to be the most hi-tech gadget of all time. The iPhone 4GS has left no room for competitors to take over. Competitors like Nokia, Samsung and Motorola might be surprised and shocked seeing this new iPhone! It has so much to offer that it will turn its owner into Gadget Boy.

To start with, the iPhone 4GS comes with a 1 GHz Apple A4 processor and iOS 4 (based on Mac OS), thus making it one of the best Smartphones of all time. We can keep on talking about the new added features, or we can simply jump to the ones that have caused the iPhone 4GS to start a buzz in town!


A 5 Megapixel Camera and The iMovie

For people who are wondering what iMovie is, it is a software program for editing and tagging videos to make it easier for the user to upload tagged videos on YouTube and similar websites. The iPhone 4GS comes with a 5 megapixel camera. Of course that’s something to ‘wow’ about! No previous version of the iPhone came with a flash, and this one comes with a LED flash. Isn’t that something you have always desired for in an iPhone? Plus, the phone is able to record videos in HD mode at 30 frames per second and at 720p resolution.

The Retina Display

Told you this iPhone has a lot of surprise you with! The Retina Display is not a special feature in the iPhone, but it is a property that definitely makes it superb. It refers to the pixel density of the screen. The iPhone 4GS offers 326 pixels per inch, which is nearly four times the display a standard LCD offers. To sum it up, you get 960 x 640 pixels as the resolution of the phone. Officials of Apple claim it to be a resolution that is more than what the human eye can perceive. So, basically if observed from a distance, the iPhone 4GS would appear like a high quality magazine to the human eye.

Bing on the iPhone 4GS

That’s actually a big surprise! And don’t worry – Google will always be there. The new iPhone 4Gs offers both Bing and Google as default search engines. The surprising part is that despite the rivalry between Microsoft and Apple, Apple has used the search engine. Anyway, what matters is that users are getting two high profile search engines in one phone.

Video Calling

Again a feature that can make you whoop big time! The iPhone 4GS offers a front camera that is to be used for video calling. Another bit of good news is that users can use the 5 megapixel camera at the back of the phone for video calling purposes too.

All in all, the iPhone 4GS is a happening and a trend-setting phone! However, we don’t know yet which will be the next company following this trend. We doubt that’s not going to happen anywhere soon. Till then, users can proudly roam around with their iPhone 4GS.

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Ten Tips for your Cell Phones

Written by JOJY on January 24, 2010 – 12:35 pm -

cellphone-tips This small hand held device that almost half of the world carries with them is our way of communication and more. Our personal and professional level of communication has changed and enhanced drastically due to cell phones and yet many of us are still in dark regarding how to take proper care of cell phone and increasing its performance. Many don’t realize that cell phone radiates harmful radiations and cause health risks. These harmful effects however, can be controlled by taking simple steps in consideration.

Here are top ten tips on how to enhance Cell phone performance, security and reduce health risks:

1.Restrict Bluetooth Usage

Keeping your Bluetooth switch on is not only unwise when it comes to security purpose but also drain battery charge. It’s not advisable to keep Bluetooth on when you’re not using it.

2. Hold your cell phone at Bottom

Hold your cell phone at the bottom because if your cover your cell phone by your hand then it reduces its ability to send or receive the signal. The phone increases its power to transmit stronger radiation.

3. Turn it off when not in use

If your cell phone is no longer in use for a longer period of time then switch it off. And if you don’t expect calls in the middle of the night then switch it off during night time too when you go to sleep and turn it on in the morning.

4. Keep the keypad locked

Keeping the keypad locked saves you from accidental dialing or blank text messages and loss of credit and battery charge. It is advisable to set your cell phone settings to phone security locking to automatically activate after 5 to 10 minutes, this is good for your security purpose as well.

5. Move to a position where signal strength is strong

If you’re in a cluttered and close area, signal reception can be an issue. Move to a place (like near window) where signal reception is good. Signal reception strength is on display on your cell phone.

6.    IMEI Number

There is a unique 15-digit IMEI number in your cell phone, keep a note of it. You can see this IMIE number printed on cell phone battery or can access it by keying *#06#. If your cell phone gets stolen then you can always get it blocked by giving this IMEI number to mobile service provider.

7. Don’t Talk too long

It’s wise to use regular phone for longer talks and use cell phone only when in need. This is because radiation you are exposed to is directly proportional to the time you spend talking on your cell phone.

8. Don’t Use Cell Phone around Hazardous Areas

Do not use cell phone while driving. If its urgent to attend the call then park somewhere safe before answering the call. Avoid using cell phones around hospitals, aircrafts and petrol pumps.

9. Get Genuine Battery

Using cheap counterfeit batteries can be dangerous. Always use genuine batteries manufactured by the phone manufacturer. They last longer and are safe.

10. Follow Mobile Phone Ethics

It’s always good to show consideration to those around you when using your cell phone. Do not speak loudly on cell phones and always turn off your cell phone around public places like seminars, movie theaters and cafes. These are mobile phone ethics that everyone should follow.

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