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4Generation Cell Phones

Written by JOJY on May 6, 2009 – 5:19 pm -

4g-cell-phonesCell phone market has reached the hefty number of 30 billion and more is yet to be expected. There is a high demand of highly advance cell phones that function more than just a telecommunication device. Though cell phones are becoming more than just cell phones but there is a room for improvement. Lot of improvement to be precise. To cater the high demand, 3G technology is fast gaining popularity among cell phone addicts and 4G is looming in the corner.

With current mobile user using 2G or 2.5G, even 3G is very new to majority of cell phone users. Only smart phones such as BlackBerry Bold and Apple iPhone uses 3G and they are becoming hot favorite among tech savvy as 3G offers high data transmission speed ranging from 600KBs to 1.4 Mega bytes per second that means faster web browsing or sending emails within seconds. 3G ensure fast data transmission that makes watching TV or downloading a possibility on cell phone. 4G is generally known as ‘Beyond 3G’ as it will enhance the features offered in 3G because 4G in comparison to that means even faster data transmission since its speed starts from 2Mega bytes per second and can reach ten times that speed and higher, that certainly promise real time high quality transmission of voice and data multimedia all the time and anywhere in the world. That makes watching TV or downloading not just a possibility but actually a norm for masses. This will make access to internet easier; compatibility with other wireless services will be seamless with 4G.

There are many speculations about 4G as standards of it are yet to decide and tech gurus are predicting that things are not going to be as smooth as it looks. It took a long time for people to leave the comfort zone of their 2 to 2.5G phones and just recently, the hype of 3G phone is catching up. 4G may have cost issues and how existing cell systems can be backhauled to put this into effect.

Despite reservations and speculations, 4G is indeed the future of cell phones and already many companies are working over this technology. WiMax and LTE, two leading 4G technologies are already vying for their proposed standards. Japanese company NTTDoCoMo has been testing a 4G communication system prototype. Big names such as Bell Canada, Verizon Wireless , Telus have announced that they will cooperating towards building 4G LTE wireless broadband network. Europe and Japan have already plan to launch it by 2012.

4G is the reality of the future and integral for faultless computing and have a lot to offer as it’s the looming upgrade for tomorrow.

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History of Cell Phones

Written by JOJY on May 4, 2009 – 7:51 pm -

I was just so curious when actually people start using cell phones and how first cell phone look like? To find my answers I start digging web and came up with this article, hope you will like it!

first-cell-phoneIt’s hard to imagine that once the hand held light weight device through which we can communicate throughout the world was a rarity just couple of decades of ago. Cell phones are integral part of our lives styles now and we rarely leave our homes or offices without it. The cell phones we see today have an interesting history; it all actually started couple of centuries ago when our fore-fathers were thinking that long distance communication could only be done my snail mails.

How It All Started

It takes a few men of vision to spread their dreams globally so it all really started with one man Samuel Morse. In 1832, Samuel Morse conceived the idea of electromagnetic telegraph and laid down experimental version of his idea. Then in 1842, he laid wires between Governor’s Island and Castle Garden, New York, a distance of about a mile. Half of circuitry was underwater that got broke when passing ship pulled up the cables, many speculated the end of his dream and yet Samuel Morse didn’t give up and proceeded without the cable and successfully managed to introduce first ever wireless transmission by conduction to the world.

And then the ideas started pouring in, new possibilities emerged when Michael Faraday, an analytical chemist, started an exhaustive research on space conducting electricity and then in 1865 Dr. Mahlon Loomis was the first person to communicate through wireless via atmosphere. He was the one who developed the method of transmitting and receiving messages through earth atmosphere. That was the beginning for cell phones.

The First Ever Cell Phone


Figure 1 Motorola DynaTAC 8000X (1982)

For many decades, scientist concentrated on wired communication and telephones become house hold devices. Concept of wireless phones were there but no relevant success was seen until Dr. Martin Cooper invented first ever portable phone. He was the first person actually to make phone call on cell phone, he did this on the streets of New York. He related his experience in these words:

As I walked down the street while talking on the phone, sophisticated New Yorkers gaped at the sight of someone actually moving around while making a phone call. Remember that in 1973, there weren’t cordless telephones, let alone cellular phones. I made numerous calls, including one where I crossed the street while talking to a New York radio reporter – probably one of the more dangerous things I have ever done in my life. – Martin Cooper. (Source here)

This rectangle box you’re seeing right now was the first commercial cell phone that became available in 1983. Then it cost $3995, weighted two pounds. Talking time was 35 minutes and for that, phone had to be charge for ten hours! Thankfully cell phones have improved a lot since then. You can see various images of old phones here. It’s a wonder to see how quickly technology has changed the face of the cell phone in little time.

Evolution of Cell Phones

Initially there was limited coverage and too much static filled but in 1980, cell phone quickly started to overcome it’s hurdle as proper standards and regulations were set. Inner circuitry became more powerful and smaller, making the possibility of smaller and lighter cell phone a reality. In 1990s when transmission of cellular phone went from analog to digital, quality of communication improved. With emergence of pre-paid phone accounts, cell phones truly become popular because that made this communication technology affordable for everyone.

The best thing about the evolution of cell phones is that its not over yet. Plenty of changes happened, plenty are happening and there are plenty of new ideas that are surging around that one day become an important part of cell phones.

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Touch Phones- Next Favorite of Generation Y

Written by JOJY on April 29, 2009 – 6:44 pm -

touch-phonesGeneration Y is tech-savvy, gadget freak and immensely taken to cell phones. This is the generation that was born in an era that have seen the rapid fire growth in information technology and gadgets that have overnight become the necessity of life, so naturally the youth is adapted to computers and modern gadgets more easily than their parents. Phones which were just a form of communication couple of decades ago have now become more than that, it’s a combination of technology and style statement now along with just a cellular phone.

A useful style statement to be precise as the phone takes pictures, makes video, send emails, it’s a video and music player and every once in a while, it attends calls even. These factors contributed to the fact that now cell phones are the important part of generation Y and any innovation in cell phones is hugely welcome. And among cell phones, touch phones are fast becoming hot favorite of Generation Y.

Touch phones are the latest infatuation among the tech savvy’s due to sleek design and state-of-the-art technology. Until lately, iPhone ruled the touch genre but now different companies are launching their own attractive models that are certainly gaining attention. There are several models of touch phones that are making their entrance in the mobile phone market even despite the recession and competition is stiff among mobile phone companies. Many great features are introduced in touch phone that were not present before and hence are made to be more appealing among the masses.

There are two brands in touch phones that are giving competition to Apple’s iphone; HTC Touch Diamond and Samsung SGH Omnia due to their attractive specifications and style. Here is the short review of these two genre of touch phones to see why they’re becoming favorite of so many people.

htc-touch-diamondHTC Touch Diamond is catching the attention of Y-Generation because its sleek, glossy and offer four keyboards with a camera of 3.1 Megapixel and have impressive 4GB of memory. HTC Touch Diamond is reasonable in price compared to other rival touch phones in the market. It offers simplicity with full functionalities. On the hind side, it collects dirt and oil very easily and has no memory card.

samsung-sgh-omniaSamsung  SGH Omnia is one of the hottest touch screen phone from Year 2008 and resembles iphone very much in looks and feel and offers practically all the features of iphone. It has customizable keyboard, high picture quality and plenty of space. It is stylish and have a sleek smooth look to it. Because of this, Samsung SGH Omnia is certainly gaining widespread approval for it’s efficient functionalities and style.

Besides these two touch phones, there are touch phones in the market that are making a notch for themselves as well. You can review which are the top ten touch phones here  in the cell phone market.

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Mercedes-Benz introduces new iPhone integration kit

Written by JOJY on June 20, 2008 – 4:06 pm -

Mercedes-Benz’s current iPod integration kit is pretty weak sauce, especially since the new COMAND nav / multimedia system is so well done, but it looks like the automaker’s newest iPhone cradle will take steps to address some of the more glaring issues and also add some interesting new features. The cradle appears to finally integrate iPod controls with the main nav screen and COMAND controller instead of relying solely on the instrument display and steering wheel controls, and it will charge your phone while allowing you to make calls and listen to music. On top of that, plugging the phone in will apparently increase reception by using the vehicle’s antennas as well as the iPhone’s, and from what we can tell, you’ll be able to access the contacts list as well — something MB’s current Bluetooth system doesn’t allow. If you’ve already got the iPod kit or Media Interface kit, the adapters needed will run you €39 ($60), and the cradle itself is available now in Germany for €249 ($385). Lots more pics at the read link.

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ASUS ARES CG6155 gaming PC: 4.0GHz QX9650, GeForce GTX280, bragging rights

Written by JOJY on June 20, 2008 – 3:42 pm -

What’s that, Acer? Your vicious Predator not feel so dominant now? ASUS just dropped a bombshell with the official release of the ARES CG6150 that first surfaced at CeBIT, and for gamers who accept nothing less than cutting edge, this is your rig. From the top, we’ve got an Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 (overclockable to 4.0GHz) processor, NVIDIA’s nForce 790i Ultra SLI chipset, up to 8GB of DDR3 RAM, a 3-way SLI setup with GeForce GTX280s, up to 4TB of HDD space, a Blu-ray optical drive, twin gigabit Ethernet jacks, two power supplies and a custom liquid cooling arrangement. ASUS is being tight-lipped (as usual) with pricing / release information, but let’s just assume you’ll need a serious stack of Benjamins to even sniff this beast.

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